Website Design for your business

As a business, we are an awarding winning, full service, creative design agency. Our mission is clear. To help our clients connect with more people using the very best digital technology.

We have a simple philosophy - Everything we do is focused on the user, it's technically referred to as 'user-centric', which means providing a rich user experience from the very first click to the last... It's about creating that elusive wow factor, stimulating an emotional connection, providing useful relevant information, keeping the user interested in you and your product, engaging them, and making sure you've enticed them enough so they keep them coming back for more.

The importance of good web design

Online marketing is really about enabling you to connect with people, rather crassly called 'traffic' within the electronic media community. Good website design is then, the key to encouraging more traffic to visit you, electronically speaking. Your website is therefore, the vehicle by which people will choose to either engage with you and your products or services or click the 'back' button and go to your competition.

You probably only have one shot at this so being the best can be the difference between business success and business failure. Statistics show that from a user typing a search phrase into a search engine and clicking a chosen result, the user only spends around 3 seconds deciding if the site is correct for their requirements. This means the site has to, within 3 seconds, demonstrate that it is relevant to the users requirements, have sufficient impact to engage them, offer them reason to stay, make it easy for them to advance to the their required area of interest, service or product and finally give them a good reason to buy/engage with you further.

Good web design is not simply important, it is critical for any modern business.

Where do you start?

Ask yourself, is your current website really benefiting you?

The internet is a fast paced source of information and it is easy for a website to become outdated and inefficient, as web design trends change frequently, content becomes stale and your business grows and evolves, resulting in an messy, hard to use website that is misleading from your true business values. Outdated web design affects your ability to attract and convert new clients.

Our aim is to produce our clients with a goal-oriented, long lasting website that will ensure you achieve the best results and high levels of return on investments.

Our award winning web designers will create a website that will:

  • Represent your businesses true value
  • Wow your customers
  • Entice new visitors
  • Work on all key platforms including Web, Mobile, Phablets and Tablets

Whatever your web design needs our London based team of designers have the expertise, knowledge and experience to achieve your online goals.

Our web design service

We cover all aspects of web design, allowing you to choose the best option suited for your business and budget. Our web design services include:

  • Full website designs
  • Micro site designs
  • Mobile websites
  • Responsive web design

We strive to make your transition into your new website as easy as possible. We will work closely with you to ensure your brand and personality shines through.

Our process enables us to create websites with a strong foundation, great functionality and amazing visual appeal.

From day one we focus on giving you the best support, guidance and advice possible. Our design process is driven by your business objective and your customers' needs. Your website can't just look good, it needs to engage and interact with your audience, helping them to reach the intended goals.

Our process

This is how we go about creating the best website for you:

Planning and research

In order to create an amazing website, we first need to understand the customer, the website audience. By understanding our client's requirement, ideas and goals we can begin to plot out the strategies that need to be taken in order to achieve them.

Customer focused design process

We do this, where we have access to the data, by carrying out user profiling, understanding their behaviour, how they find you, profiling the search phrases used to find you, what technology they're using, the key site demographics, the geographic locations they are located in, the most popular and least popular current pages. This information is invaluable when considering how your new website should look, function and engage.

Your websites needs and requirements are unique, so first we need to begin with taking the time to understand your business and your customers.

A great website has to fulfil the users' needs and who knows your customers better than you? We aim to work closely with you to ensure your customers will receive the best user experience possible.

Competitor Analysis

We also need to understand your competition, in order to be able to outperform them. It is important to understand your competition, not only from a marketing perspective but from a functionality and design perspective. We don't want our customers' website to just compete with their competition; we want our customers' website to put their competitors to shame.

Once we understand your business as a whole our web design team will begin the process by deciding on the primary elements, such as the structuring of the site, its navigation, the content that will be needed and its functionality.

With this in place we will be able to plan a strategy and start the design process.


As we've said before our designs are created with your customers in mind.

From your design specification, our design team create and present you with several design concepts, once you have reviewed them we will listen to your feedback and discuss further work that you would like carried out. Throughout the entire design process we will continue to work together to ensure your website is exactly what you want and what you customers need.

What we aim to achieve:

Building a strong foundational structure

It is important to get all the basics right before you begin the build. This includes navigation, structuring and functionality.

Implementing strategic marketing into the design

It isn't enough to just have a beautiful website. The secret behind a successful website is its ability to be found and deliver results. We will ensure you understand this and what measures have been taken to achieve this.

Creating a stunning, modern website that will deliver results

We aim to create a unique and innovative design that will wow your user and delivery quality results.


Once we have finalised the design, we will begin the testing and fully review the project to ensure it is perfect. This will include an SEO review to see if the site is fully optimised, cross browser checking and a usability and functionality review.

After we have carried out the reviews and testing your brand new site is almost ready to be made live.

Making your new website live

We work hard to ensure the launch of your new website goes smoothly, by conducting a pre-launch checklist and finalisations. Once this has been completed and you have confirmed you are happy with the final design, you are now ready to launch your new website.

Ongoing service

At Restech we don't abandon our clients once the website goes live. We continue our relationship helping you to grow and evolve overtime. Our mission is to help you achieve your full online potential.

We do this by providing you with ongoing support and monitoring your website to ensure you continue to grow and reach your goals.

We also offer health checks and monthly reports so you can see how your website is performing and where it can be strengthened.

Our full support includes phone assistance when needed and ongoing fixing of bugs and error that may arise. Restech can assist you in any of your online needs!

Our process, guidance and support have helped us to become an award winning web design agency. Please feel free to take a look at our website design portfolio.

Contact us today to see how we can help you!