Online marketing for business

At Restech we endeavour to cover all aspects of online services and marketing to help boost your business and improve productivity. We believe that if you primarily focus on on one strategy you are at risk of missing out on many other opportunities to promote your brand and boost productivity.

If you are struggling to make an impact online or just want to improve your businesses reach, then we can help drive traffic to your website from a number of different sources such as;

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a fantastic way to encourage new users to visit your website. It will also improve your SEO and demonstrate your expertise within your industry to your audience.

The key to a successful content marketing campaign:

Producing great, high quality content that is relevant to your audience can help you to achieve brand awareness, more traffic and better rankings within the search engines. It will also ensure that visitors keep returning to your website.

High quality content

When we say high quality content these three words come to mind; relevance, informative and educational. Your ability to drive & retain traffic on your website relies on the quality of your content. If the content on your website isn't strong or informative enough, then users will go elsewhere any opportunities their visit could have created will be wasted.

Content marketing is an integral part of your online marketing campaign, beautiful imagery and web design can only get you so far, ‘content is king' for a reason after all. Our team of in-house specialists will work with you to help you create relevant and gripping content, giving your audience the experience they deserve.

The importance of blogging

Blogging is another way to generate huge amounts of traffic, enable you to establish yourself as an industry leader, expand your reach and raise brand awareness.

The stats don't lie:

  • Companies that blog on average generate 67% more leads than those that don't.
  • 75% of business to business (B2B) companies use a blog as part of their content marketing.
  • 42% of consumers look to blogs for information about potential purchases.
  • 52% say blogs have impacted on their purchase decisions.
  • 57% of marketers say they have acquired new customers with their blogs.

However you need to be careful, 43% of people say that "blatant self-promotional" content is a major turn off. If you chose to begin a content marketing campaign it is crucial you get it right, Restech will help guide you in the right direction.

Advantages of content marketing:

  • It has the ability to pull in unexpected customers from a wider net
  • It allows you to establish yourself as an industry leader
  • It is cheap compared to other marketing strategies
  • It can increase website traffic and productivity
  • It allows you to build relationships with your audience
  • It builds brand awareness and loyalty
  • It allows you to be a helpful resource for customers
  • It enhances your brand image
  • It shows your audience your human side
  • It will improve the overall customer experience

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a way in which you can target your audience through direct marketing. Email marketing remains a very popular marketing method as it produces great results.

It is a great strategy to drive traffic to your website, raise brand awareness and get visitors returning again and again.

Whilst enabling you to expand your reach, and to drive new and existing customers to your website, it is important that our e-mailers are focused on giving the users a quality experience.

Advantages of email marketing:

  • Affordable
  • Direct target marketing
  • Easy to monitor success
  • Will increase traffic to your website
  • Builds brand loyalty and trust
  • It supports other marketing channels

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns

PPC is another great targeted marketing strategy. It is a paid advertisement service that allows you to rank within the search engine for any keyword through sponsored links.

At Restech, we believe the root to success for PPC campaigns lies within the understanding of our clients business, products, services and demographics. Having this knowledge helps us to drive more conversions through your website, and to ensure you get a return on your investment. Pay-per-click campaigns are not about how many clicks you get but rather how many clicks converts.

Advantages of PPC marketing:

  • Fast - unlike organic SEO, PPC ads can be launch almost immediately, driving traffic to your website straight away.
  • Expands your reach - allowing you to draw in additional traffic, expanding your visibility and helping to further establish your business.
  • Targeted traffic - As you target the keywords and phrases your site is optimised for you will see the quality of your website traffic improve. Your campaign can also be schedule at certain times of the day to maximise exposure.
  • Easy to monitor - it is easy to see, track and monitor your PPC campaigns. This allows you to edit and improve the campaigns if need be, offering maximum conversion at minimal cost.

Google Analytics

We provide a monitoring service which tracks and measures how your website is performing on a month by month basis.

Tracking your success should be at the centre of your marketing campaigns. After all, how will you know if marketing strategies have been a success if you haven't seen the results?

We offer an in-depth monitoring service that tracks and analyses everything that we and you do within your online campaigns. We use this data to help you make informed decisions and to ensure your marketing strategies are continually delivering!

If you are interested in improving brand awareness, driving new traffic and leads to your website and boosting your overall sales then get in contact with us for more information on how we can make this a reality.