Apps for your business

Restech have been helping clients grow their businesses for over 30 years. This is a relatively short space of time in the grand scheme of things, but a time which has almost certainly seen the greatest technological advancement in human history. It has been an interesting few years!

The one constant during this time, from a technology point of view, is innovation, indeed our own company philosophy is - innovate, develop, evolve - innovate, develop, evolve... No business is exempt from the need to innovate, you cannot stand still... The road to business destruction is littered with those that have believed differently or indeed not been quick enough to innovate, develop, and evolve.

The future is here, are you?

Apple Inc., their amazing iPhone to be more specific, is responsible for the introduction of mobile computing as we know it today - this has been life changing for many... Yes there were other smartphones before, but on January 9, 2007 the iPhone was released. It brought everything you need on the go together, in one beautifully organised, fully functional, design icon. It was a stroke of genius. That day, the humble mobile telephone became the all-embracing - telephoning, photograph taking, video recording, map searching, Satellite navigating, emailing, web browsing, game playing, social networking, device of the future. At this point, we should add that over 500 Million people worldwide have paid good money for this ingenious device since 2007.

It was the iPhone that led the way in mobile technology. At Restech we were not slow in taking a hard look at the benefits mobile communication could benefit our clients. Utilising and developing these latest technologies and devices, we have worked closely with our clients to help them take advantage of modern communication mechanisms, enabling them to reach their full potential using the latest technological advancements.

Today we have a specialised in-house mobile/App development team, highly experienced in creating user-friendly and customer focused mobile apps across a wide range of different clients and industries, meeting all their needs and requirements.

We aim to lead our customers into the 21st Century with our digital creativity and innovation; it is this approach that has helped clients succeed by producing top class, award winning products on their behalf.

Our development team have a wide range of skill sets enabling us to specialise in varies fields which cover strategy, user experience, engagement, interaction, behavioural tendencies and interface design. These skill sets are used in all of our applications.

We can help you convert to mobile allowing your business to expand its reach and connect you with more people.

Creating and build great Apps

Our Apps are built from the ground up and are entirely customer focused. We have worked closely with our clients to ensure all their Apps functionality needs are being met and continually making modifications, guaranteeing we tick off all of your requirements.

We aim to supply engaging and innovative apps that revolve around not only your requirements, but maybe more importantly your customers' needs too. We will work with you to devise a plan that will allow us to create fantastic apps that will go beyond your users' expectations.

The latest technology

We have a proven track record for app development across all platforms so whether you want a single platform app or cross-platform app development we can fulfil your needs.

Our expertise across a wide range of technologies will help you to plan for the most suited technological strategy for you and your business, ensuring that the foundation technology meets the needs of your audience and their user requirements.

Our App Development Process

Our process has been tried and tested over the years, evolving and continuing to evolve to ensure the best methods and practices are being used to create the best apps possible.

Your project manager will oversee each stage of the application build in order to ensure that your expectations are being met on every level.

The perfect formulas

Our London based team combine our award winning formulas to bring your vision to life. We focus on the strategic and marketing potential your business may have, before applying it to the app development.

All bases for the user requirements are covered within the research process and then implemented into your application by our experienced team.

Once the strategy and app architecture have been agreed, we create full interface prototypes before unleashing your brand new app to the public!

If you have a product in mind, we would love to hear about it. Please get in touch with us today.