Design for business

You only have to look around you to understand just how import brand identity is... Good and Bad. Big business spend on creating, managing and promoting their brand is huge... It's on display everywhere - TV, bill boards, buses, print media, electronically, you simply can't avoid it.

A businesses product, service or even its people are judged by their brand or by the brands they associate themselves with. Think about the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the phone you use, what you buy and where you buy it... Often the wrong choice can call into question credibility or at worst even have a negative impact on your social or business standing.

A brand can be evocative, aspirational and influential... Equally, a brand can be considered outdated, of poor quality, or to be avoided...

We are all influenced by visual messaging; understanding how the human brain interprets these signals, images, colours, words, typography, lightness and darkness, is a science. Understanding this human behaviour is the key to creating great brands. Our team of talented designers and UI engineers are qualified to understand this behaviour and how to apply this science to a client's individual requirements.

Visual messaging and communication is vital to every business. This does not simply apply to branding but must be consistent through all media, from marketing campaigns to the web, from print media to social media, as well as anything else that includes your brand. Having a professionally designed, scientifically researched brand identity that truly represents you and your company is essential for any modern business.

Knowing your brand

Imagine a customer came to your website but your name wasn't displayed, would they know it was your business?

Your brand defines you. It sets you apart from your competition and symbolises your values.

Getting the right branding for your business is a difficult process and requires the right eye and a professional touch to bring it to life.

Restech have been helping brands communicate with people for over 30 years. Our expert design team will create an instantly recognisable and unique brand for your business that works intuitively alongside your business in a way that it engages with people’s emotions and represents your businesses personality.

What we do

Our services include branding and rebranding, logo design and other offline marketing strategies. Give us the chance to modernise your business through new branding.

All our design processes start with us listening to your thoughts and learning about you and your business so we can understand it fully. We then leave our professional design team with our research and allow their creative flair to flow.

Creating, modernising, evolving brands

We know how important your brand is to you and our specialist team are in place to help create and build an iconic brand for you.

Our design process will ensure that we accomplish the best branding that represents your business perfectly. We will follow your guidelines and requests but will also spark new original ideas to help us achieve the best results for you.

The Process:

1. Discovering your brand

We start this process off by looking at you as a business, your products, services and target audience. We analyse your business in order to get ideas and turn those ideas into inspired branding that is unique to your business.

2. Bringing your brand to life

This part of the process isn't about just getting the visuals on paper, it is creating a brand that is not only visually appealing but a brand that stands out, is recognisable at a first glance, is distinctive, unique and that portrays the characteristics and professionalism of your company.

This is a challenging thing to do but we work hard to achieve great results that our clients love.

3. Unleashing

Each project is assigned an Account Manager that will oversee the project every step of the way. Your Account Manager will listen to your comments and modify the designs to suit your requirements. The Account Manager will ensure that the best decisions are made throughout the project and that your vision is made into a reality.

Get in touch if you want to:

  • Create a unique and inspiring new brand
  • Strengthen your existing brand
  • Create a powerful and recognisable online identity

Whether you are looking to draw in more users, get more attention, modernise your branding or build a completely new brand that will blow your customers minds, we can help!

To find out more about how Restech can truly bring your branding to life, contact us now.