Case Study

Resource Techniques is a partner company of Restech that specialise in web design for estate agents.

Our project brief was extensive; to rebrand, modernise and redevelop the formidable and very popular Resource Techniques website. Our focus was to create a responsive user experience, as the site had seen a substantial increase in the number users viewing the site via a mobile device. As well as a comprehensive rebranding exercise, our brief included the complete re-organisation of content and full SEO review and implementation.

Not only did the website have to work on a visual level, we were heavily focused on the usability of the site as well as improving SEO.

Initially we undertook a comprehensive SEO review, including keyword and a competitor analysis enabling us to see what structure would be needed for the new site in order to improve SEO rankings to draw in the target audience and in turn improve sales.

From here we moved onto creating design concepts to incorporate the new brand and the Resource Techniques mission statement and long standing ethos 'Connecting you with people', this is of course their key business objective. This was followed by carefully re-organising the sites content to make for a better user experience.

The finished product is something we are very proud of and has by far exceeded our client's expectations.

What the client says

I guess like many businesses we took a while to commit to a new website, time, cost and the ever changing technological landscape are always reasons to prevaricate. But the growth in the use of mobile devices, iPhone and iPads, that were viewing our site was ultimately the trigger. I'm not going to say it was easy, but the Restech team are patient, professional and on the top of their game. Today, looking at the site we couldn't be happier, it ticks all the boxes in terms of responsive, great design, great content, great organisation and improve SEO. We are delighted with our new site.

Ian Penman | Chairman, Resource Techniques

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